about us


Handcrafted etched metal jewelry inspired by sacred geometry & mythology…

Stone Harvest is a small handcrafted jewelry label which creates, manufactures, and retails etched brass, copper and silver pendants, necklaces, cuff bracelets, earrings, rings. The jewelry is etched with finely rendered drawings showing imagery inspired by sacred geometry and nature.  

Our Story

Stone Harvest was founded by Kelly Nicholson in 2009.  Kelly, an artist born and raised by back to the landers on a farm in the Midwest, holds a BFA with a concentration in sculpture from the School of  Visual Arts in New York.

Her interest in jewelry began on the shores of the Pacific, while living in Bolinas, a little town far out on the windswept coast. She was a hair’s breath from the ocean and spent hours there every day combing the beaches for treasures delivered from sea. Tiny agate stones, shells, bones, feathers and wood collected in box after box in her studio ~ lining shelves, filling pockets....until a day when a friend asked if she would like to participate in an artisan bazaar she was organizing in town. She thought of the earth and sea treasures and agreed to make some jewelry to sell ~ and Stone Harvest was born. She began by making small agate stud earrings and simple shell and bone necklaces.

She has since moved back east and has been focusing her energy into learning the art of fine metal-smithing. She met her husband Austin Dodson, a printmaker with an MFA from PAFA, and they began collaborating, creating brass or copper medallions with imagery based on sacred geometry and nature. 

 Both artists work on drawing concept designs, then Austin etches the designs into the pendants using a strong acid, just like he would a plate for intaglio printmaking.  After they're done in their acid bath, he cleans them, and then hands them off to Kelly for sanding, polishing and the overall construction of the piece. 

Stone Harvest opened an Etsy shop in 2012 and also began to sell jewelry in Moon and Arrow, a boutique in Queen Village, Philadelphia.  Since then their skills have refined while interest in their work has grown.  They are now selling jewelry at several other local/handmade/artisan boutiques and have participated in several craft fairs in the region.


Their vision is to create timeless art made wearable…