Shop Policies

All pieces are individually handmade to order, so please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.  We are a very small business, and in order to keep costs down, we don't keep much of an inventory except during the holiday season. If you happen to need a piece sooner, please just send an email and let us know when you'd like to have it by and we will do our very best to accommodate you. Our goal is to finely craft beautiful unique jewelry and if you're here, considering adding one of our pieces to your collection, I'm sure you understand that the process takes a bit of time! 


We ship USPS priority mail for domestic orders. You will receive a tracking number when the order is sent. International shipping is also through USPS and can only be tracked while it's in the U.S.  

Your jewelry will be minimally packaged in a natural linen drawstring bag that you can use to store the piece when you're not wearing it. 

If you're interested in additional wrapping for a gift, send an email and let us know and we will be happy to create artful packaging for your piece.

Returns, Exchanges & Repairs

Returns are accepted within 2 weeks of the date of delivery. If for any reason, you're not satisfied with your purchase, just send us an email to let us know you're sending it back. If you'd like to exchange it for something else, we can make that happen, just bear in mind that the new piece will probably need to be manufactured, which will take 2-4 weeks. If you're re simply returning it, we will issue you a full refund minus shipping when we have received it back and find it in new and unworn condition. 

If an item is damaged due to normal wear and tear, we will repair it free of charge (except for shipping) within a year of purchase.  For other repairs, please contact us at stoneharvestjewels@gmail.com for a quote. 


If you are interested in opening a wholesale account with us, email attn: Kelly at stoneharvestjewels@gmail.com with "wholesale inquiry" in the subject line. 

Caring for your Stone Harvest metals

If your Stone Harvest piece is brass, it will tarnish over time. We DO seal every piece with a beeswax finish, but over time and wear it will eventually rub off and the brass will darken.  The absolute best way to minimize any darkening and tarnish is to wear it! If you wear your brass jewelry often, it will develop a beautiful warm patina that just gets better with time. If the piece does need a cleaning, use a soft jewelry cloth (I use Sunshine brand cloth, which has a bit of polishing compound in the fibers. it works really well!)  If the tarnish is severe, then you can use a bit of baking soda and water, but that could rub out the black lines of the etched work.  Avoid wearing the jewelry in the shower and avoid contact with lotions and other cosmetics, because that can excelerate tarnishing.  If you know you aren't going to wear it for a while, seal it in a ziplock bag. 

With regard to our brass housewares, we seal them especially well with a more permanent sealer, so they risk of tarnishing is greatly reduced.  I do recommend using a Sunshine polishing cloth on them occasionally to bring up the shine!  our Spoons will only be sealed on the handles.  they are only food safe with herbal teas or salt, anything that doesn't contain moisture.  

If your Stone Harvest jewel is copper, treat it exactly the same as brass, but take extra care to store it in an airtight container anytime you're not wearing it.  Again, a simple ziplock bag works well. This is because copper oxidizes much more quickly when in contact with air and humidity and tarnishes if left out and unworn. 

*A special note about copper* copper is so beautiful and is a healing element, with benefits ranging from being antimicrobial to anti-inflammatory, helping relieve the pain of arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome and other joint and tendon inflammation.  It enters the body through the skin, so wearing it as jewelry allows for twofold goodness - beauty and healing.  

But on the flip side, copper can sometimes turn your skin green if your body chemistry is on the acidic side or if you are especially sweaty. This can change from day to day depending on anything from temperature, to stress level to diet.  If this happening to you, don't worry!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with you and you can still wear copper!  With rings and bracelets, you can seal the inside where it is in contact with skin with a coat of clear nail polish.  You'll lose the skin contact with the copper and won't be getting as much of the health benefits, BUT you still will have a beautiful warm piece of handmade jewelry to wear without a green ring around your arm or finger! This is harder to deal with if you're having issues with chains around your neck.  I almost always use good quality brass chains so if they are turning you green, then just know that it is the copper in the brass (brass is an alloy of copper and zinc) that is responsible! There isn't a whole lot you can do about the chain except switch to a gold or gold fill chain.  

* If you take good care of your Stone Harvest jewelry, it will last a lifetime! these are made to be heirloom quality as long as they are loved and treasured *